Happy 76th Birthday Dad

Today my Dad is 76 years old.
That means he was born in 1934.
That’s him. With that great big bottle. Isn’t he so cute? He looks pretty much just like that now. Only with whiskers. And glasses. The hair is the same.

That’s him there on the right, the tallest boy. Which makes sense since he was the oldest of all the kids, 2 of which hadn’t been born yet in this picture.

Again, there he is on the right, looking like a hooligan about ready to through his little brother in the outhouse. That really was their bathroom right there behind them. You’ve come a long way baby. I mean, Daddy.


Can you guess? Yep, there he is, oldest big brother on the left, and in this one my Aunt Donna Mae was added to the bunch.

And finally, with baby David. The uncle that’s closer to a big brother than an uncle to me.

My Dad at his first wedding. Oh, wait, his only wedding. To my Mother. I only said that because so many people my age were from broken homes, and I am so thankful that my Mom and my Dad are still married.

On their honeymoon—fingers in my ears, LA LA LA LA LA, gross.

Making sure his Dad found joy in his final days.

family photo
The last photo of My parents and all their kids, to date.

Dad with Nora at Christmas

I know I’ve used this photo a few times on this blog, but it’s one of my favorites of Dad and I, and he told me on Father’s Day that it’s his favorite of us, so I’m using it to say,

Happy Birthday to the greatest Dad in the world. How I was so lucky to have you for my Dad, I’ll never know, but I thank God for you daily.

The End


2 thoughts on “Happy 76th Birthday Dad

  1. I love your Dad! 🙂 In Holland, (and with Dutch people) whenever someone in the family has a birthday, each family member is congratulated. So in the Dutch Tradition, Congratulation on your Daddy’s Birthday!!

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