Baby Love

Nora laughs at her Daddy playing peek-a-boo. There’s just nothing funnier when you’re almost a year old!

Nora thinks Daddy is so funny making faces behind Grandpa.

He is just SO funny!

Where’d he go?

Love the lensflare, love the happiness, love the baby.


Daddy Love


6 thoughts on “Baby Love

  1. Oh my gosh…what a doll. Isn’t it amazing how babies just light up our lives and those around them, and even the friends reading your blog! Love her!

    1. She’s starting this new thing now Theresa, she will dance, this really cute quick back and forth sway, kinda like Stevie Wonder on speed. Just cracks me up!

    1. It’s so amazing, isn’t it? I see both Caleb and Hannah in her, and I see Rick, and something around her eyes I see her Grandma Cindy. And sometimes I see her cousin Lily…It’s all so amazing. I said that already.

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