A Toast: To Rick

…continued, Rick’s birthday party

I wanted to give the first toast to Rick on his birthday–I toasted the man of my dreams, my prince charming, and the father of my children. Actually, I have no idea what I said. It’s all a blur.

Caleb and Josh read some ‘toasts’ and notes that people sent to Rick to be shared at his party. I think this was the little poem Bill Wertz wrote. You can see it on facebook. All the rhyming words rhyme with Rick and end in Big Stick. You can probably fill in the blanks.

Josh read the note from my Dad and actually pantomimed it out. Very funny.

Then the boys give their toasts

Abbie starts her toast and the boys are wagering on when she’ll start crying.

Holding it together…

Laughing. Wait, that looks kinda like starting to cry.

Still holding it together, the boys look nervous…

Nope, nope, there it is…and the winner is…

Caleb. Josh Consoles. Awe….Brothers were born for adversity.

Gary, toasts the little brother.

Matt, toasts Rick as the brother as close as a twin.

Dick’s toast was a little upstaged by Nora.

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