Happy 50th Birthday Rick

Today is Rick’s 50th birthday.

Rick’s party, although apparently not a complete surprise was a success. Apparently his friend Joel is a good liar. I am not. I will take that as a compliment.

Here are a few photos from the other night:
The Ricky Timeline; I had wanted a picture for every year of his life. Didn’t quite have that, but it was still very fun to look at.

Surprise!!!! Rick actually yelled it coming out the door before anyone else could.

He’d even figured out that Josh was coming home.

Lots of hugging going on that night!

With his kids

Caleb’s kegorator painted with black chalkboard paint so he can write what’s on tap!

I love this picture of the guys first noticing Rick’s friend Dick walking into the yard.

Rick and Dick. What can I say? I’m a poet.

Abbie, Megan, and Sheila

Dick trying to impress Nora. She seemed a little bored.

Abbie and Nora

Matt and Gary

James and Matt


I have tons more pictures thanks to our friend John who took charge of my camera (thank you John!! You did great!) and I’ll post some more this evening after our birthday dinner. Rick wants to go out for dinner since he ended up having to cook for his party!

Happy Birthday Rick Atkins. I adore you.


5 thoughts on “Happy 50th Birthday Rick

  1. What fun! Lin you are such a great wife! So wished we had been there…. I hope Rick returns the favor on your 50th, ( Not rushing this of course!) so that Dean and I can be there for that! Love u both, Happy Birthday Rick!

  2. Wow – Didn’t realize how much Caleb looked like the younger Rick. Happy 1/2 century Rick…miss seeing you guys but loved looking through these pictures! The 50s are going by fast for me and Tim is already surfing the 60’s!
    Love you guys

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