Grandma and Grandpa Date Night with Nora

We got to have Nora come play at our house Friday night. She was a dream! Of course there was plenty to keep her entertained, between trying to catch Maggie, (no photos of this,  Maggie led a great chase)

meeting Fievel,

eating dinner,

and practicing her Killer Pool Moves!

She knows the game…


And she knows how to play…


She’s calculating…


… a real SHARK, I tell you!


She always calls the pocket and makes sure she sinks it….


But she’s not smug, no, this girl knows how to celebrate!


And somehow she always wins.


5 thoughts on “Grandma and Grandpa Date Night with Nora

  1. You note that she is practicing her “killer pool moves”, look at the pix before Grandpa is teaching her his “killer” eatin’ moves too. These are just way to cute.

  2. What fun! It was a weekend for Grandparents that’s for sure … Craig & Gale had their 3 month old granddaughter too! Nora’s too cute, Linda. Glad you got the special time with her! Ü

  3. Oh Linda you guys are sooooo blessed! It reminded me so much of when we use to get Jackson ever week when Shawn and Sarah had their small group….we would just play with him for hours! It never got old! I know I sound like a little old grandma when I say this….but enjoy the time it goes by way too fast!!

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