This Little Piggie Went To Market…

…and this little piggie gave birth at the fair.

Rick and I found ourselves in the middle of a birthing at the NW Washington Fair yesterday. This pig spent 2 hours giving birth to 14 piglets. 14. FOURTEEN!!

I felt completely captivated by this process. I couldn’t decide if I think these babies are totally so cute and adorable, or the ugliest things I’ve ever seen. I mean, babies of any kind are pretty cute, even aardvarks and opossums, so of course they are cute. But once you get past the new baby thing, really….I just don’t know. I mean, they aren’t kittens, that’s for sure.

But then you see this…
…and this…another litter, a couple days old, getting that little bit of hair that sparkles in the light, and they’re all sleeping and cuddling, and they do seem kinda cute.

And then you see THIS and you can almost picture yourself picking one up and snuggling it, but then you shake yourself, and you look around…and you ask,

“Where is the kitten display?”


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