Sunshine, Friends, and Sunshine

You know it’s going to be a good getaway, when on the ride from the airport to the home of the friends you are visiting you receive this phone call:

“Dinner’s almost ready. I need your drink orders.”

We arrived in Arizona to the blasting dry heat of the desert, and both Rick and I breathed in that dry air, looked at each other, and grinned.

The following photos and the next few posts will contain NO photos of gray skies, rain, puddles, or clouds, save the wispy little things that flit across the deep blue sky. The one day it clouded over, the day we left, there was still a sense of sunshine above. Not like here in the Northwest where the clouds come and sock you in and smother you.

But this post is not about that, not about the clouds and rain of Washington State.

No, this was a weekend for sunshine, hikes, swimming, and spending lots of time with our friends Brent and Heather, and with each other. We soaked up the sun, and played outdoors from Friday evening when we arrived until Monday morning when we left.

We all had our cameras and our camera phones…


…I loved peeking at Brent and Heather’s photos on their camera. It’s good to look through the eyes of someone else. They have good eyes.

It was over 100 degrees while we hiked to Cathedral Rock. This stream was an oasis!

See that blue sky? Mmmm….

See the left side of this Rock formation, before you get to what looks like a Giant’s Toes?

This was taken from there, on the other side.

Heather feeling bigger than life!

I don’t know the people in this picture, but I took it to show scale. these formations are breathtakingly huge. Beyond huge. And the contrast between the sky and the rock…so beautiful.

Truly, I didn’t think I could make it to the top on this hike. A few times I stopped to rest and tried to get Rick and our friends to go ahead and let me wait for them in the shade. I’m SO glad they didn’t let me stay behind. I will never ever forget that view.

Stay tuned. I have tons more photos coming.

But first, I have to take a trip to my hometown and share an evening with people I only know as “kids”. “Kids” I went to elementary school with about a million years ago. Tomorrow evening I return to my childhood.

I can’t wait.

2 thoughts on “Sunshine, Friends, and Sunshine

  1. Wow… beautiful photos! Looks like a great time. And now and trip back in time… can’t wait to hear about that, too!! Enjoy!

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