Mr. Brody’s Opus

Before I stop blogging for the evening I have to write one more thing.

When my classmates and I were together on Friday evening, amid the laughter and memories shared, we talked about our teachers, and of course, we loved them all. But I was struck by something that night.

Jim has a party room with a pool table, a bar, several big screens, and a complete stage with all the lighting, sound system and instuments for a band to hop up and play.

We spent a good portion of our time listening to Jim, and Paul, and Spring play the keyboard and sing for us and Spring even led us in several songs we sang in grade school in Mr. Brody’s class.



What I was struck by was that we didn’t bring out a white board and do math equations, and we didn’t drill each other in a spelling bee. But we did sing, and play instruments, and the singing made us laugh and remember other memories of our growing up years, and I think it’s important to say that the work that our music teachers did back then, and the work they do now is really really important and impacting, and throughout the evening I wish so many times that Mr. Brody could have been there with us to see and hear us singing and laughing together.


We talked that night about making this an annual event, and I for one, have made it my goal to get Mr. Brody to join us next year!


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