Old School

Friday evening was magical.

Rick and I went to my old neighborhood where I went to grade school from the middle of 5th grade through 8th grade, Pleasant Valley Elementary School.

Out of our 8th grade graduating class of 57 students, 16 of us got together at the home of my dear old friend Jimmy (I think he must go by Jim now) where he and his gracious wife provided the 70’s themed setting for an evening to remember!



Nothing says 70’s like fondue, and over stuffed sofas (picture “That 70’s Show).

Most of the people at this party hadn’t seen each other in over 30 years, so this wasn’t just a time to catch up on the past 5 or 10 years, but a time to stare at each other until we could see the faces and personalities of the kids we knew back then. Some of the faces haven’t changed all that much, but some of us had to really stare hard and listen to voices and laughs for the memories to start flooding back.

This is Jim. Jimmy. Jim. Whatever. I think of him as Jimmy.

Megan and her husband. Gosh they were fun.

Shirley Schacht and her husband

Donnalee and Marrianne

This is Susan. I always thought she was the most beautiful girl in school. She’s still gorgeous!

Sarah Reynolds. I had a great time talking and laughing with her. She lived up the road from me.


Paul Meier and his wife

Laurie Stykel who lived across the street from me, and Danny, who was a good friend all through school, and who reminded me that his little brother and mine (Tim) were close buddies.

Spring Williams and I. I love this woman.

My dear friend Darcy and I. Darcy had the idea to get us all together.

Such a good idea.

And me with Jimmy.

These are the spouses that came.

In 34 years a lot has changed. For one, Laurie Stykel and I didn’t have to stand in the back row for a group shot. Those boys finally grew taller than us! (Although Jimmy is cheating and standing on the sofa)

Some of us have gotten married. Some more than once.

Some of us have had kids.

A couple of us have grandkids.

Some of us have had the stuffing kicked out of us.

But for one magical evening, we were just a bunch of kids again, kids going through all the angst of coming of age, sharing memories, laughing, loving, and reveling in one another’s company.

Gosh, I can’t wait to do it again.


4 thoughts on “Old School

  1. I just love all of this. Just love it. I love the way you share about things, your thoughts, your insights. Makes me want to call up a bunch of my school friends and do the same thing. There is something about knowing someone when you are a child that makes that relationships different, special. I really enjoy the fact that I still see people around town that I went to elementary school with.

  2. Linda;

    That was great. I wish I could have been there. Dan who????? Was that Jim Searing. Darcy hasn’t changed a bit. I could have picked her out in a crowd. Susan who? Don’t remember her but I’m sure I had a crush on her at one time or another.

    The kid brother who wasn’t invited…. as always…..


    1. Tim,
      Yes, That’s Jim Syring. I know, Darcy looks totally the same, huh? You were too young to have a crush on Susan. She never came to the house. and it was Dan Burkett, who’s little brother was your friend Brian.

      Sorry you weren’t invited. You just would have embarrassed me,
      as always,
      your big sis,

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