In Grade School, It’s Not What You Do, But Who You Are

When I got back to work today, those who knew why I took a couple days off wanted to know how our Reunion went. I had fun telling people what a great time we had.

Early this morning one woman at work asked me, “so what is the craziest job someone has that was at the reunion?” I was stumped. I actually wasn’t sure what she meant for a moment.


I had to think.  Retrace my footprints that night and picture who I spoke to.


Hmmm…then I was struck.  Again.  Man, I keep getting STRUCK this week over this silly reunion!!


The thing is, we didn’t really talk about all that stuff.


I know we have in our midst:

A fire fighter.  Make that two.

A Doctor.


An ex-pastor’s wife.

A construction worker.

A Drama teacher.


…um….but seriously, I’m embarrassed to say…


I really don’t know what the rest of my former classmates do for a living.


But what I was struck with was, none of that is what we talked about that night.


We talked about our families a little…


enough for me to brag about my granddaughter:
(Hi there Sweet Thing! I sure miss you!)

There was no One-Up-Man-Ship at our gathering on Friday night. I never sensed anyone feeling a need to impress the others with what they do or with what they have. Truly, we could have all been in the midst of Greatness and not known it. We spent our time just remembering our shared experiences as children and young teens, out in the country, in a a little school, in a valley called Pleasant.

We took turns on the stage in the party room at Jimmy’s…

…and shared our favorite memories,

of favorite teachers,

favorite pranks which shocked and surprised,

…and we thanked each other for being part of our own lives…

…vowed to make this happen again next year, and come to think of it…

We WERE among Greatness.

And we knew it.


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