A Plethora of Randomness

Disclaimer:  The photos in this post have nothing to do with what I’m writing tonight, other than these are some of the photos I found on my external hard drive that had previously not been uploaded to flickr, but are getting comfortable and settling in to their new home there. I just thought I’d share a few here while I ramble for a moment.


I have been dealing with some pretty severe fatigue the last couple (few?) months, and have finally gone to the doctor about it.  Actually, I went to 2 doctors about it;  a naturepath for an initial visit, and then to a nurse practitioner for my yearly (in my case 7 year) exam.  (Don’t yell at me).

You know you might be in the middle of “the change” if you are filling out the health questionnaire at the doctor’s office and putting the little check mark next to “anxiety” makes your chest tighten, and putting the little check mark next to “weep?” sends you into spasming sobs.  Ok, so I exaggerate.  But I did get a lump in my throat when I checked both those.

Among others.

Both practitioners ordered blood work, and once the nature doc gets the results back from my saliva test, which I sent to the lab via UPS today, we’ll start figuring out a direction to take.  But I’ve already sneaked a peak at my blood work, and although my nurse practitioner’s office called to let me know that all the results are normal, it looks to me, and I am  in no way self-diagnosing…ok, maybe I am…it looks to me that I am anemic.   This is actually preferable to “results are normal” since it gives me something to fix.  Working with a naturepath is a much longer process than a medical doctor, so for that I feel impatient, but for long term health and well being, I feel encouraged.


I don’t want to embarrass my friend Cindy, but tonight I’m sharing what’s on my heart and this is.  Cindy is Nora’s other Grandma, Hannah’s mom.  On Friday Cindy brought Nora to my office to visit me at work and let me show her off to my co-workers.  Nora stole the show, everyone’s heart, and almost made off with my rubberband ball.  I’ve been working on that ball for a year and four months, and yeah, she’s my granddaughter, but no way was I giving up that ball!    I was at the front desk talking with a patient when they walked in, and the sight of Nora so distracted me I forgot what we were discussing!  I also forgot to introduce Cindy to everyone, so enamored am I with Nora, so if you come visit with (or without) Nora again, Cindy, I promise to be more gracious!  The thing that might embarrass Cindy about this little story is that I’m sure to her, the visit was nothing more than getting Nora out and about, but to me it meant the world.  I don’t get to see Nora as often as I’d like because all of our schedules are so crazy and don’t always mesh, we all have busy social lives on top of our work schedules.  Cindy totally blessed me yesterday by this simple act, and I’m so thankful for her in so many ways,  for the mother she is to Hannah, the mother-in-law she is to Caleb,  for the other grandma she is to Nora, and for her friendship.


Has anyone watched this new show called Sister Wives?  I saw the first episode last week when I was home sick.  And then on the weekend Rick and I watched the next two episodes.  It is so completely foreign and disturbing to me, and yet, I can’t wait to watch the next episode.  It’s like that classic line from Seinfeld, “It’s hideous, and yet, I cannot look away!”


A week ago Sunday Josh arrived home from Alaska.  He arrived unannounced, although he tried calling at 6:00 a.m. that morning to warn us he would be here within the hour.  I just don’t happen to hear phones at 6:00 a.m., mainly because I turn the sound off.  Sleep is precious.  So are sons, and I’m happy he’s back.

For now.

Oh, not happy for now that he’s back.  Happy he’s back for the time being.  He leaves next month for Nepal.  He’ll visit Marty and Bridged, go on some hikes, (treks, they’re called when you’re in the Himalayans), and give his Mama more experience on her knees praying for God’s hand of protection over him.

This parenting thing never ends.  Not really.  You never get to stop worrying and praying.

And don’t anyone DARE preach to me about worrying.   I said PRAYING too, so that covers it.


I’ve started reading a new book that my sister passed on to me called The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton.  I did something when I started this book that I’ve never done before.  I opened it and started reading without looking at the back cover to see what it’s about, without reading the acknowledgments, without a clue what I’m reading about.  It’s a very weird way to read a book, and I still haven’t read the back cover.  I will say though, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with not reading the back cover,  this book is so good, I cannot put it down!


I have two major things to look forward to this month.

Besides my Naturepath getting my saliva test results and calling me for an appointment.

In 2 weeks my friend Ursela and her son AJ are coming up for a Soccer game.  I’m super excited to see them more than once in a year, but I will miss seeing Erin and Tim.

And the next weekend two of my friends from elementary school who I reconnected with last month are coming for a Girls Weekend Away!!  I’m torn between sending Rick away for the weekend and keeping him  here to cook for us and play bartender.  Somehow I think that decision will be out of my hands, but either way…


Yesterday I took a Day of Rest.  I did shower, but other than that, I did nothing.  I laid on the couch and read my book, took breaks to look at facebook, get a drink of water, eat something, then back to my chair in front of the fireplace with my book.  My coffee cup was replaced with a wine glass late in the afternoon, and I felt completely contented and guilty all at the same time.  (I only showered because Josh had a couple of out of town guests staying with us this weekend.  Otherwise, I would have stayed in my jammies all day).


I haven’t used my camera in two weeks.  I think this might be a record for me.  I don’t miss it.  This is another sign that something is wrong with me.


When it was raining on Saturday it didn’t bother me in the least.  In fact, I loved it and didn’t want it to stop.  I opened the windows so I could hear the rain in the trees.  Yet another sign something’s wrong with me.  ( and by “wrong with me” I only mean I’m hormonally challenged, please don’t think I’m being melodramatic)


And with that I leave you to your Monday evening.

The End.


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