Blog Love!

I wanted to draw attention to a blog I’ve added to my blog list, The Fire Part Of Me, written by a darling young woman named Abigail Schrag. I’m featuring this blog today for a few reasons.

(i shamelessly stole this photo from facebook)

1. Abby Schrag is creative and funny.

2. She writes with a depth beyond her years.

3. She is friends with my Abbie and has many friends in common with her.

4. On a date to be determined next summer Abby Schrag will become my daughter-in-law.

(these I also stole from facebook; taken at camp firwood in 2006)

How’s that for a cliff-hanger?


4 thoughts on “Blog Love!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Linda, I got misty eyed over this news! Yay for all of you! (And thanks for texting me ahead of time to check … we’re in Houston with the kid and I wouldn’t have known to look otherwise!) Love you!

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