Sisters, Reunited

Last Monday was a big day for my Grandmother.  She had very special visitor named Dona.


Dona is Grandma’s sister. Grandma is 96, Dona is 92. They haven’t seen each other in decades. And on Monday Dona’s son, Bob Sjogren brought his mother to LaPine to visit her sister, my Grandmother.

I wish I could have been there. I love this photo of the 2 of them that Dad took with his phone and sent to me. I love that they are holding hands. I love that Grandma is turned and “looking” at Dona, even though both of them are blind. I love the smiles on their faces and can just hear their laughter! Oh, if only I could have sat and interviewed them. So many things I would have asked…mainly, how on earth did DECADES go by before you saw each other? I actually pretty much know the answer to that, but I just can’t imagine! I start feeling lonely and itchy when a I haven’t seen my sister for a couple months.

Cheryl emailed me after Dad sent out pictures of Grandma and Dona’s reunion and said, “we’d NEVER go decades without seeing each other would we?”

No, in this day and age, with our technology and ease of travel, I cannot imagine letting that happen. But I hope when we are 96 and 91, we will look as happy to be together and hold hands and look for each other’s faces, even if we are blind.


5 thoughts on “Sisters, Reunited

  1. oh, this made me cry. beautiful!! can you imagine….? I can’t either- but that means I also probably cannot imagine how excited and happy they were to hold hands again!

  2. Hi Linda. Sometimes my two sisters and I go for years without actually seeing each other. We live far apart, one in California, one in London UK and I am in New Zealand. Before emails we kept in touch by phone and the very occasional letter now we talk via email almost daily. I wrote a post earlier last month on my lovely sisters –
    I envy you the ability to see yours often.

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