Christmas 2010 Snapshots



Nora on her race car from her Mommy and Daddy


Opening her Dr. Seuss books from Grandpa


These are hysterical to me.  I’d handed Rick the camera and asked him to take a  picture of me and Abbie and had no idea Lynsey was hamming it up right above our heads!  Not to mention the freakish angle of Abbie’s leg in the first one.

IMG_0549 IMG_0550
This angel is on the mantel instead of the tree because in the middle of our Atkins Christmas Gathering, she randomly just fell off the tree in the the middle of the room. Our fallen angel. Sad.



We had a lovely Christmas, but I can’t say I’m sad to see it end. I think I might have a titch of Spring Fever. I come down with it every year right about now.


4 thoughts on “Christmas 2010 Snapshots

  1. linda- that is not abby’s leg- check again! It sure looks freaky at first, but that must be her brother’s or something?

    1. Thanks, Michelle. Caleb pointed that out to me as well. Do I feel stupid for not realizing this at first? No. Was I drinking when I posted this? Maybe. It does crack me up though that I had stared at the picture so long and didn’t get that it wasn’t Abbie’s leg! Duh.

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