I took these photos with my phone last Sunday evening right before I began the process of seasoning them.  These are the cast iron pans, griddle, and dutch oven that Caleb and Hannah gave me for Christmas.  Tonight at dinner Hannah asked if I’d used them yet, when I thanked her (again) (for the 10th time) (in one week).

Rick rolled his eyes in response to her question.  See that biggest skillet?  It’s not actually that big, I think only 8″, but I’ve used it every single day.


and the griddle I’ve used twice for bacon and eggs.

I haven’t used the dutch oven yet but I’ve been looking at blogs and websites to learn how to use it. All I really need is an oil pan and some briquettes, although I can use it in my oven if I want to.
Did you know there are Dutch Oven Societies!? People get together and cook outdoors with their dutch ovens and have these great contests…it’s amazing! I was reading this link last night and it I found this great video that made me want to move to Arkansas and say “olive ohl” all the time!

I LOVE this cookware!!

Merry Christmas to me!


2 thoughts on “Pressies

  1. You are the second person I know now that received a dutch oven for Christmas. That must be the going thing:) My mom used cast iron while I was growing up and I still think that food cooked on it tastes so much better! It’s supposed to be good for you, too. I miss using it, but because we have a glass-top stove, I can’t use it. Someday we hope to have gas, and then I’d like to go back to it. Happy cooking 🙂

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