Quaint Farms and Hidden Lodges

Well, okay, maybe only quaint farms.

We headed out today, Abby Schrag, her Mother, Jane, Hannah, and I to check out places for Josh and Abby’s wedding in August.  We met up at Avellino for a coffee first, and for some reason I forgot my camera in the car Rick was driving when he dropped me off to meet the ladies.  Not only that, but my phone’s battery was almost dead, so in the spirit of conserving my battery, and because I completely forgot by the time we were at the last place, I forgot to take a picture of the “hidden lodge”, which is not what it’s called.


This little wedding site is completely adorable, little gardens, hidden walkways, a completely beautiful birch-lined lawn for an outdoor wedding…we all completely loved it.

But we completely loved the other place we looked at too, and poor Abby will just have to wait 26 more days for Josh to get home and take him around and decide.
(Abby and her Mom)

Who knows? Maybe she’ll find other places to have to decide between by then!


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