Joshua Amos Atkins, January 5, 1987

Happy Birthday Joshua Amos Atkins!

The night you were born, I was so worn out from labor.  The nurse came and offered to take you away so I could sleep, and I said no.  I wanted to keep you close and even if we both slept I wanted to know that I’d kept you next to me so that at least in my heart I could say your first hours were spent next to your Mama, even if you didn’t remember, and even if I wouldn’t remember.  But I do remember, and I have thanked God for you every day.

This is your last birthday as a single man. Next year on this day your wife will be celebrating your life with all of us, and nothing could make me happier!

May this year, which will complete your first quarter century be filled with hope, laughter, joy, and love. And since it is not good that man should be alone, may you always see your bride  as your greatest gift on this earth from God!

Now, come home!

Happy Birthday Sonny.


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