Phone Apps Part 2

I think most people know I love photography. And my android phone lets me play with photos in a whole new way. All of these apps are free, but with a paid version. I use the free versions with the exception of flickr companion. For .99, less than a cup of coffee, I get the full version and since I have the pro version of flickr for photo storage, it was worth it to me. So, again, in no particular order, here are my faves:

Retro Camera
(Sadly, I don’t have any photos on my phone at the moment taken with retro camera. I guess I’ll have to do a part three of Phone Apps so I can show you how much fun this one can be!)

This was my first camera app, and I love it.  Has 5 different vintage cameras, and each one has a couple of options, like black and white, with or without frames, etc.   Very fun and very cool.

Camera Fun Free

I haven’t used this one very much, but I can see that I am going to like it.  The free version has plenty to it, 19 different “lenses”, but for .99 you can get another 5.  I’m happy with the free version.

Bosco and Maggie:  Normal



Water color


Photoshop Express

I love this app for brightening up my photos.

Here is the original:


And here, after photoshop express, brighter, richer, and with a nice little frame:





This free application has hundreds of variations!  So much so, in fact, that it overwhelms me.  I’ve toyed around with it a little, but seriously, it’s got so many options I end up exiting and using my standard camera that came on my phone.  I’m keeping though because someday I just might be bored and feel like figuring it out.

This is a cool feature:  Choose the strip frame and take 4 or 5 pictures.  I chose these one day after Nora had been at our house and all her sweet baby things were still scattered about the living room:



flickr companion

Since I upload all my photos to flickr for safe-keeping, I love this app on my phone.  With the touch of an icon I have all my photos at my fingertips.  As a Grandma, this is a huge bragging time saver!!

Floating Image

This cool application is completely UNnecessary but so cool that I love it.  You tell it where to pull your  photos from, your photo gallery on your phone, your google account, your flickr account, and your photos just go randomly floating across your screen!  It’s very space-age.  And Nora loves it.  She loves to spot pictures of her Mom and Dad as they float  by.  Again, a great tool for Grandma.

Photo Funia

This app is so fun!  Like so FUN-I-A!

If you have a smart phone, you really should try these apps. They are so fun, and who knows? Maybe you’ll end up loving them as much as I do!

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