Virtual Church

My friend Theresa sent me an email with a link to a blog and a note that she’d been reading this blog and bawling and thought I would love it. I couldn’t really imagine what kind of blog could make me bawl, so I clicked this Life in Grace link this morning and read while I drank my first cup of coffee. And though I’m not bawling, I’ve had to wipe the tears from my cheeks as I read the story of this woman who’s house burned to the ground a couple days before Christmas, just a couple weeks ago. And my friend T is right, reading her story filled me with gratitude for my life and for the wonderful way that God guides and protects us.

If you read that post on Edie’s blog, be sure and read the most recent posts as well. Her blogging friends hacked into her blog on her birthday and left her amazing and wonderful messages of hope and love and encouragement. People she’s never met, along with those she has, reached out to her and became Christ to her, God in flesh, God with arms on to hug her and God with words of healing.

It is like being the Church in a blogging world.


One thought on “Virtual Church

  1. Perhaps bawling was not the best word choice. I had a glass of wine, was reading a sad story and boo hooed a little. I love the virtual church title. It’s true for me as I find myself looking up more scripture these days after reading posts that include bible verses.

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