I Heart Football

Actually, I don’t.

Not really.

Don’t get me wrong. I mean, I don’t MIND football. After a whole lifetime of first, living with a Dad and brothers who loved the game and watched it every Sunday and then on Monday nights, and then almost 28 years living with a husband that knows the game better than most coaches I know (not that I personally know that many coaches…but you get what I’m saying), and loves nothing better than to watch football, I’ve even gotten used to the sound of a game on the TV. It’s kind of comforting, and in fact, as I write this we have the Indianapolos/New York Jets on the big screen. Rick is actually sleeping.

This afternoon I went for a long walk along the waterfront while Rick was home watching the Seahawks play the Saints. I knew this was a big game. He follows the Hawks like, well, like a hawk! So, after my walk I was heading to Abby’s house (Josh’s Abby) for a cup of tea and turned on the game on the radio, just to see if it was still on. I tuned in right before the 67 yard touchdown and heard the announcers going crazy. I sat in my car outside Abby’s house smiling and chuckling, just picturing Rick at home yelling and screaming at the TV. I sat in the car for the rest of the game, so sucked in was I, by the radio announcers enthusiasm.

I want to say here and now, very clearly, so there’s no confusion: I have NEVER willingly watched a football game, let alone, LISTENED to one. Alone. In my car. Especially when someone was waiting for me. Ever. But really, it was very exciting, and I was listening with Rick on my mind. Knowing the joy and glee he gets out of this sort of thing. (He’ll hate that I used the word ‘glee’ to describe him, sorry honey)

I’d kind of like to think I did this out of sheer love for my husband and selflessly showing interest in something simply and only because he is interested in it, and that’s just what people who love each other do. And actually, in a way, that really was why I tuned the radio to the game, to see if Rick’s team was winning…because I care about what Rick cares about. But in the end, no, it wasn’t that. I actually got interested in what I was hearing.

I don’t really anticipate a lasting interest in football. I don’t think I’ll suddenly have a love for the game and plan my weekends around it, or even have an understanding of it.

But for one brief moment, I could say, “I get it”.


One thought on “I Heart Football

  1. This makes me smile because this is how football is for me, too. I have had to acquire a taste for it, but I’m enjoying spending that much more time with Tim. That touchdown was really amazing! I’m glad you got to “share” it with Rick.

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