Phone Apps Part 3: Retro camera

As promised, here are some samples of my Retro Camera on my android phone.  I took a long walk Saturday afternoon along the waterfront and remembered I’d been needing to take some pics with my Retro Camera app.  It was a gorgeous winter afternoon, and all those lovely clouds provided a stunning sunset.  I was racing the clock to get back to my car before dark, however, so missed the best part of the sunset.  I’ll plan better next time.

Here is the Polaroid:
It just occurred to me I could pull this into photoshop and put text at the bottom, with a font that looks like hand writing. Remember how we would wait for these polaroids to dry and then write names or places and dates on them? So 70’s!!

This is the “little orange camera”:

It’s actually great for close ups, portraits, stills, that sort of thing. But I was out on a walk by myself…

The Pin Hole Camera:

Really? Do I really need to describe this beauty? It’s my favorite.

Another little orange box shot:  I went a little nuts because, though you can’t see them very well, there was a seagull, a heron, and a cormorant in that order on the pilings off the dock there.  If only I’d had my long lens for my big camera!


The Fudge Can:
Low saturation, no frames. This is the newest camera added to this app, and I haven’t used it much. I’m sure it will have it’s time.

This is the barbl:

I love this. I love the framing, I love the low saturation, and the old world feel to it.

Two more from the fudge can:


Except with this one, it was too dark, so I opened it in my Photoshop Express and bumped up the exposure. I’m sneaky that way.

I did the same with this one:  This is the original from the fudge can:


And here, I upped the exposure and brightened it a little. It was really getting dark out.

And then, finally, decided to switch it to black and white with Photoshop Pro.

This is a great little app. I love that it’s free! And I love the pics that come out of it!


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