I’m Gettin’ My Groove On

I had an Amazon $50 gift card. And I have so many needs. Ok, so I have so many wants. But Rick has started running again, and this makes me happy on so many levels. Running together is something I’ve really missed the last couple years.

So, in light of that, and even with all the ‘things’ I could use that Amazon card for, I decided to use it on a new pair of running shoes. I ran a couple times a few weeks ago, and just the slow little jogging I did bugged my knee, and I know it’s because my shoes are so old and broken down. Rick and I were trying to remember the last time I bought running shoes and neither of us can.

So, on Friday evening when I got home from work, these beauties were waiting for me.  And I’m finally going to start getting my RUN on again.

So, the question I’m asked is, will I commit to train for marathon or a half marathon? Absolutely not a marathon.    Maybe a half.  I don’t know.  For now, I just want to get back to a place that I can run 3-5 miles whenever I want. My first run in those babies will look more like a very bumpy walk, and I’ll be lucky to make it 2 miles. But it’s a start.


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