Five on Friday

Five ways I deal with Blogger’s Block:

1.  Get on facebook and ask someone a random question.  Ok, not really.  I mean, I haven’t, but maybe I will someday, so you never know…

2.  Go to my flickr account and look through old pictures.  I really do this.  Really.  It gives me great blogging material like, how I made popcorn in my cast iron dutch oven  last weekend.



I’ve learned it’s a good way to season your dutch oven. But I admit, THIS wouldn’t probably have prompted a blog post. A little boring. I did find a couple photos there just now that I’d forgotten about and will share them this weekend.

Unless something more exciting happens. Oops. I wasn’t going to say that anymore.

3. Browse other blogs and see what inspires me, or makes me think, ‘Wow this is good, I want all my friends to see this blog’, and do a write-up about it. Like my friend Debbie’s Blog.  She just started her blog last week and has been writing every day. And although Debbie is new to blogging, she has a style all her own, and her short bursts of paragraphs leave me hanging and wanting more.
I had no idea.
I didn’t know, I wish I’d known.


I would have called, or emailed, or done SOMETHING to let her know I was thinking of her. But now I’m reading of her journey, bits at a time, and can’t wait for the next paragraph. As her story unfolds, don’t be surprised if I talk about her more. This is an amazing woman who has already led an amazing selfless life, and I adore her.

4. Go for a long walk. with my camera. See number 2. Which seems very small and trite and shallow after reading number 3.

5. Wait for the weekend. 5:00 on Friday always eventually comes around, I kick my work shoes off, put on my party pants and whether we have fully planned weekend or endless hours of lounging in bed and drinking coffee, something blog-worthy always comes our way.

It’s 5:00. Time to punch out and get My Weekend On!

p.s. I always write my Friday posts ahead of time, and publish or schedule to publish just before 5. I’m not blogging from work. Just so ya know.


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