Saturday Morning

Remember a couple weeks ago I mentioned that Rick and I had stayed in bed all morning reading, surfing the internet, drinking coffee, breakfast in bed? It was sublime. So, this morning…

…that’s not what we did. Rick actually set his alarm for 7:00 because he was meeting our friend Brett for a run. I got up shortly after the alarm went off, opened the front door to let the dogs out, hit by a blast of freezing air, and thought longingly of that lovely morning we stayed warm and cozy in bed all day, and was tempted to crawl back in and let Rick head out alone.

But I rallied. I did buy those running shoes after all.  And the two runs I’d taken in them proved me right. I’m WAY out of shape. Not just my muscles, which have been yelling at me since my first jog, but cardiovascularly…let’s just say it’s shocking how out of condition one becomes without exercise.

So we ran this trail:

image One of our favorites. I actually ran by myself starting at Bloedel Donavon, at the right of the map, and ending at Barkley Village, at the top of the map.  Rick and Brett started at Barkley and ran to Bloedel and back.

I was still  longing for my bed when Rick dropped me at my starting point, but heard the honking of geese and followed the sound.  Had I stayed in bed I would have missed this sight:



And I would have missed this little guy who was not afraid of me in any way.  I think if I’d had a crumb or two he would have come right up and eaten from my hand!


If I’d stayed in bed I would have missed the fog across the trail, the smell of wood fires burning, bacon and maple syrup wafting from nearby houses…


I would have missed the sight of the sun shining over the top of Alabama Hill and warming our sweet little town and the islands beyond with it’s golden light.


…the old railroad trestle covered in moss and slick with dew.  I always wish I could have seen this trail when it was a working railroad.



Had I stayed in bed I would have missed my phone accidentally taking a picture of the floor at Starbucks where I got my double short americano with whole milk while I waited for Rick and Brett.


I have a feeling our weekends will look like this from here on out.  Instead of lazy weekend mornings, sipping coffee and reading articles to each other, maybe even going back to sleep, we will be setting our alarm, donning our running gear and heading out the door.

Unless we have another arctic storm and the trails are covered in snow and ice…

…I’ve never wished so hard for snow.


6 thoughts on “Saturday Morning

  1. So how do you jog with a camera?? Love all your pictures but the geese on the water was an especially great shot.
    I’m impressed with your determination to get back into running shape. If all it took where new running shoes, I’d be in the store making my purchase right now!! I remember just walking with you was a struggle — you have such a long stride — and how you could keep up a conversation at the pace you were putting us through, I’ll never know! I have no doubts you’ll be preparing for that half-marathon before long!!

    1. Debbie, I had my phone in my pocket and all of these photos were taken with it. You make me sound so athletic! I assure you, I am not.

  2. I Love this Linda! 🙂 I’m with you… but I haven’t gotten as motivated as you yet. I’m planning on doing one (or two) half marathon’s this year… and a couple of triathlons… I guess I better get my butt in gear! 🙂

  3. it amazes me what great photos phones can take. better then my first digital camera. That is quite and ambitious trail to run. I never ran it but just walking it kicked my booty.

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