After a very long and difficult day…

…THIS gets my perspective back on track:
She and I were sitting on the floor with a little toy turtle that plays music and moves across the floor slower than molasses in the winter, slower than the seven year itch, slower than a herd of turtles running through peanut butter…wait this IS a turtle. Ok, the point is, this turtle takes for ever to get anywhere, and I set it so it would run into me, but I screeched and hollered like it was “going to get me” and did Nora ever squeal and laugh at that!? I’ve always known I’m funny, but I didn’t realize I am THAT funny!

And nothing sets my attitude right like Nora with her Grandpa:

She was ‘talking’ so seriously and pointing, and like a good Grandpa, Rick just agreed with her.

I could try to get enough of this face…

But why on earth would I?


2 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Oh, Linda, she is precious! And in this picture, she looks so much like Abbie as a baby! Oh my! Such a cutie. The photo of her laughing, made ME chuckle. What a dolly baby … aren’t you glad to have her so close by? What a blessing.

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