Screen Play

Wife walks in the door after a long day at work, putting out fires (not real ones), running interference (not as in football), having meetings with the Big Dogs (not the president).

Husband is making dinner. It’s half done.

Wife: “Hi Honey! How was your day? Can I do anything to help?”
Husband: “My day was good. How’d your meeting go? No. Just make yourself a drink and grab some chips from the cupboard and have some guacamole”

Wife: (after giving the synopsis of “the meeting”) AAAahhhhUgghhh….I still have to write a blog post tonight.”
Husband: “I noticed you hadn’t published today. You doing ok? Keeping up with your commitment?”

Wife: “What should I blog about?”
Husband: (pouring drink) “Blog about your second drink”
Wife: “I’m serious!”
Husband: “So am I!!!”

The End.

Thank you for coming to our show tonight.


3 thoughts on “Screen Play

    1. I should tell you Bliss. That’s not a G&T. It’s vodka, cilantro and serrano pepper, muddled, shaken, and poured over ice.

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