As Seen On Facebook

1.  just prayed to a God that I DO believe in. Just sayin’…(Jeff Huber)

2.  Just heard an analogy on the radio relating our spiritual lives to a roll of toilet paper. As if I needed another reason to not like christian radio……(Matt Tate)

3.  Going over smoke detector/fire procedures with the kids before bedtime. As I was leaving the bedroom Adia said, “Thanks for letting us know.” (Cutzi Jobes, mommy to 4 year old Adia)

4.  “here is the fight conversation I just broke up between my sons. ‘You cannot choke with one hand!’ ‘You cannot survive a choke.’ ‘Yes you can!’ ‘I came up behind him and sliced his head off and he said he wasn’t dead.’ (All in reference to Star Wars. Jedi Knights throwing down in the basement.)” (James Taylor, father of 4)

5.  (this one was last week, but I’d missed it then) “Out of the mouths of babes. On the phone with 9-year old nephew. ‘Uncle Hal, I have something very urgent to tell you. You have to quit smoking! You don’t want to end up like Nana!’ (Hal was very taken aback!)” (Cheryl Tate Hay)

6.  On Josh Atkins’ wall from Graham Harristein: “your mum blogs!? that’s cool :)hope you had great travels from Pokera…cya stateside or downunder some time!”

…Ahem.  You DID notice Josh’s friend thinks I’m cool, right?  Just didn’t want to let that slip past you.

7.  “I think Nora might be a Hobbit. She is short, round, rosy cheeked, good natured, very inquisitive, likes to sing songs, likes to host people at our house, eats 2-3 breakfasts, sometimes an 11 o’clock snack, 1 lunch, tea time snack, dinner, and supper…definitely a hobbit!” (Caleb Atkins, Dad to 18 month old Nora, my granddaughter)

8.  A Y member just told me I am “too happy.” Ummmm, sorry? (Tammy Bennett)

9.  Whoever invented Kleenex with lotion deserves a medal. (Lita Lott)

10. sometimes my husband blows my mind! (Jen Taylor)

11. So, Tonisha gets up at 4am, has a bundle of books in her arms. Says she is ‘bored’ and can’t sleep. I go downstairs with her (so she doesn’t eat everything in the house), turn on the fireplace. She sacks out by the fire, is out in 5 minutes, with all the books around her. Meanwhile who is awake for a long time afterward ? Yep. More on next post…(Ken Tate, my big brother)

12. Next, when Tonisha wakes up, almost laughing that she is well-rested and I am not. I made her scambled eggs – she says they are the absolute best I’ve ever made, thanks me profusely – (the night wasn’t so bad I guess..) its’s the small things in life, eh ? (Ken Tate)

13. From Casey Mulhaney Hay, mom to 18mo old Thomas to Cheryl Tate Hay, Grandma to 18 mo old Thomas: “This morning Thomas saw a picture of you and Hal and said “Gang-gee” He can finally say Grammie! :)”

14. The correct way to treat a good wine:
Open the bottle to let it breathe.
If it doesn’t look as if it’s breathing,
…Give it mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.
(Bliss Gurney)

15.  Mommy’s out with the girls and Daddy and Nora are making dinner!  (Caleb Atkins)

The only reason I loved this update was not because Mommy was out tonight, but because I got to skype with Nora!  She wouldn’t say nose, or hair, or eyes, or mouth, even though she pointed to them, but she did say Boob and then wanted to see Grandma’s.  Grandma said it would be better if we just look at my pretty sweater!

I love Facebook!! And I’m not ashamed to admit it.


5 thoughts on “As Seen On Facebook

    1. Are you kidding Cutzi!? You’re one of my favorite facebookers and bloggers!! I read your updates to Rick all the time! He feels like he’s known you forever!

      1. I love this. And I do seriously love facebook. And you. And your blog.

        So here, just for you, is the fb post I’m contemplating tonight.

        Pox. You want ’em? Come n’ get ’em.


        Pox. Get ’em while they’re hot.

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