Five on Friday

Five of my favorite commercials:

I laugh out loud EVERY time the weird guy at the end says “is that the talking dog?”

Geico. I love all their commericals. But this one kills me every time.

I just started seeing this commercial this week and it totally cracks me up!

Um….WOW. I actually just found this while searching for other commercials on youtube and was blown away. This deserves a whole blog post, a whole SERIES of blog posts, and whole book, movie and a lifetime of philisophising about the effect the media has on women and young girls in our society. I meant this post to be about the commercials on TV that make me laugh, but this really grabbed me!

Since I already got all serious on us….I love all the Liberty Mutual commercials, because 1. Rick is been an agent with them for going on 2 years, 2. they are MY insurance company, and 3. whoever writes these commercials is just AWESOME. I love the idea that people might just look out for each other…

It’s 5:00. On Friday. Time to start the weekend!! Happy Friday everyone!


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