Did You Know…

…that my son is now a business owner? And he’s in California taking a class to get certified to clean beer lines?

…that Mondays are never my favorite, but when the last day of the month is a Monday, and all monies have to be in the bank it’s so much worse? In fact, if I’m ever tempted to play hookie, it would probably be on a Month-End-Monday.

…that I have never seen the whole movie African Queen? Tonight, all that changes.

…in a week and 2 days my sister and I are meeting my Dad and one of our brothers in Centralia for lunch? No, you didn’t know that because I haven’t mentioned it. But I’m excited.

…that today is the first day since I made my commitment to Post-a-Day2011 that I really regret it and wish someone had talked me out of it?

…that tomorrow I might still feel this way, but probably by Thursday I’ll be glad again?

…that starting right this second when I hit publish, I am going offline?

It’s true.


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