Sunrise, Sunset

Yesterday morning on the way to work the sky was all lit up in bright pinks and purples. It was stunning!

This morning I took my camera and told Rick I’d like to leave early and drive around the lake, instead of the shorter way, cutting through the mountain. However, the sunrise this morning, though sweet and peaceful looking, was missing the drama of yesterday.

Disappointed, I consoled myself that surely tonight’s sunset would be spectacular and Rick and I could swing down to the bay and get amazing shots that would reverberate across the internet once posted to my blog!

That, however, did not work out as planned as Rick was 45 minutes late picking me up, and I spent that time dumpster-diving.

Yes, dumpster-diving. Don’t ask. It’s an annoying and irritating story.

And just maybe I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.


One thought on “Sunrise, Sunset

  1. I to brought my camera in to work today to capture the sunset and was very disappointing after yesterday’s crazy display. So want to hear about the dumpster diving story 🙂

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