This Week On Facebook:

1.  Freaking American idol! Now I am crying…and i don’t even normally watch you. Darn you! Darn you and your touching auditions! (Nichole Reeves)

2.  does anyone know what to do with this W-2 thing? I’m Canadian..(Kristen Hamilton)

3.  Willow, Willow, Willow. Like resting your head on a nice warm pillow. Don’t mean to make pun, cause she’s as sweet as they come, but this girl all about fun….now I better run. Happy birthday Willow. Hope it is a great one.  (Bill Wertz to Willow Weston on her birthday)

4.  Hanging with good friendz and gonna poop. It doesnt get better than this.  (Willow Weston)

5.  Oh ron pai thank you for highjacking my phone..poop is the best you could do?  (Willow Weston)

6.  Today should have been better! (Katharine Zeilstra, on Month-end-Monday)

7.  Ry, “I’m not really a fan of brownies.” Faith, “Wow that’s a shocker, who doesn’t like chewy, chocolately goodness.” (Heather Dolan Schmidtt)

8.  Me to a patient with a pacemaker the other day, “Do you have a heart doctor?” Her reply, “No. But I do have a cardiologist”….ummmmm, ok. (Casey Mulhaney Hay)

9.  I would give up my four favorite food groups (coffee, chocolate, cheese & beer) for one long run in the winter sunshine. Ok, let’s be honest, 3 of the 4. (Tammy Bennett)
10.  Dear Churches, please remove the exit sign above the doorway at the end of the main aisle. ~ Wedding Photogs of America #Amen?! (Josh Durius, wedding photographer)

11.  Hey Grumplestiltskin. “Please and Thank You”. It’s that simple. (Ron Pai, Starbucks Barista)

12.  Katharine Zeilstra recommends There’s a black market for o.b. tampons (for reals) on CNNMoney.  (Katharine Zeilstra)  (ok, I get that this is weird, and to all my male friends and family, just skip this one, but really???  I’ve SO noticed this, and so has my poor husband who goes and picks these up for me….he’s always like, “um…what should I do?” from his cell phone.)

13.  Contrary to Faith’s belief, I do have ther”mom”eters in my hands. I can tell if my child has a fever by touching her face.  (Heather Dolan Schmitt)

14.  It’s a good think I wrote this last night BEFORE Ladies Margarita Nite. With all the subjects we covered, and the fact that I my inhibitions just might have been greatly reduced, this post could have had a very different flavor. Thanks ladies for another great visit together! (Debbie Day when posting a link to her blog:)

Debbie’s post reminded me of a blog post I wrote a while back and my son’s girlfriend at the time commented on my blog, “how many glasses of wine have you had tonight, Linda?”  I immediately deleted the blog post and cannot remember what I’d written.  Hmmmmmm….
It’s almost the weekend folks, and I love facebook!


2 thoughts on “This Week On Facebook:

  1. I so look forward to the “collections”. These are great and remind me of all my favorite things about facebook and blogging and other forms of social networking. It is the fun and friendship. and fun.

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