Five On Friday

Five things I’m looking forward to about the weekend:

Sunday evening, crashing.

Sunday afternoon:  Superbowl!  Well, superbowl isn’t what I’m excited about, but the commercials, the food, and the friends that will be here.

(I didn’t take this picture)

Saturday evening:  My sister, Cheryl is spending the night.

(this isn’t how we look now)

Saturday afternoon:  Open house/party for Josh.  And Abby

Friday at 5:00:  My work week ends and my weekend begins!  Time to kick up my heels and put on my party pants! Ok, well, really, I’ll put on my jammies and put my feet up , but that’s just as gratifying to me at the end of the last day of the week!

Happy 5:00 on Friday everyone!

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