Herons: For Patty

This weekend on Facebook, my highschool friend and fellow flautist (I actually had to google the word to make sure I spell it correctly), Patty Borgelt-Green asked me if I take requests for photos and said she would love to see pictures of Blue Herons. Ironically, I am IN LOVE (that’s being shouted, here, on my end, with enthusiasm) with these birds!!

A couple years ago when Rick and I were out on a run/walk, he was running, I was walking with my camera, we met up down at the bay, it happened to be low tide, and there were 12-15 of them standing around out there in the surf…

They had arrived for brunch, got to chatting and stayed for tea-time, being so close to Canada and High Tea, and all.

Oh, they gossiped and snipped, they strutted about, they thumbed their noses…

You’d think they thought they were peacocks the way they paraded about and bragged on themselves!

Huge birds, were they, but graceful as ballerinas. Simply deciding to lift into air and POOF! One would be gone.

The Smith’s tried to keep up with the Jones’s…

…the Jones’s did likewise…


They preened, admired, compared…


They came for Brunch…



…and stayed for tea.



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