Happy Birthday Marty Atkins

Dear Marty,

Today is your birthday, although in Nepal, you’ve already celebrated.  I’ve told you this before but I think we’ve all learned that words of affirmation and affection cannot be said too often, so I want to remind you that I do not think of you as my brother-in-law, but as my own brother.  You’ve nicely filled that spot for me here in Bellingham with my real three brothers so far away.  Our years of running together, you and Rick and I, are some of my fondest memories, challenging and encouraging each other to improve or at least to just stick it out.

You always make us laugh with your antics and jokes, and you and Bridged help keep Rick and I young, even though we ALWAYS turn down your invites to go dancing at 10:00 at night!

You have been one of Rick’s biggest cheerleaders through all the trials and joys of life and your constant care as his brother ministers to both of us. Rick’s life, and so mine, would not be the same without you, and truly, our life here isn’t the same with you and Bridged out of the country.

Happy Birthday to one of the best brothers a girl could ask for.

Love, Linda
Marty and Rick. A long long time ago.

Rick and Marty, even longer ago.

Rick and Marty after running the Portland marathon a few years ago.

Always a ham for the camera.

Beautiful Bridged and Marty.

Lomo (Medium Vignette).jpg
Vintage Marty and Bridged faces.



Our goodbye dinner last summer before Marty and Bridged left for Nepal.

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