As Seen On Facebook This Week

gather the dogs (and cats) turn up the speakers 🙂

(Bliss Gurney)
So funny.

“Mom, I don’t want to be a farmer anymore when I grow up. I don’t want to milk those jiggly things” ~Dane (Cherie Fiorucci)

Yes, yes we did just have a giant dance party in the parking lot of Old Navy. In fact, it was so awesome that my 8-yr-old climbed back into the car, dying of embarrassment, and refused to get out till it was over. Mission accomplished. (Sarah Wertz Butler)

playing Hall and Oates You make My Dreams…waiting for all the people working in the building to burst forth from their offices in a coordinated dance number….still waiting…(Chauncy Handy on Valentine’s Day)

Well today is amateur day when it comes to expressing love to your wife. But even amateurs need to start somewhere. So guys look, it is way more expensive to save it all up for one day and try to make up for being a ___________________ all year. (Bill Wertz on Valentine’s Day)

dear valentines day, i think you are dumb…but i will embrace thee (Rachel Knutz, a newly wed? GIRL?)

You are my life. After 35 years, I’d marry you all over again. Wouldn’t trade one year or one day in God’s completing work of bringing two lives together as one! I love you! (Marc Mullen to Nan Mullen)
I adore this couple. If you need someone to model your marriage after, choose them!

my Barista said to one of our customers “Happy Valentines Day”. He said “U don’t celebrate that day. It’s a bad day. A very bad day.” Geez. Someone needs to get some action. (James Taylor, Manager at Starbucks)

May your eyes be filled with happiness, your heart filled with love, and your belly filled with chocolate~ Happy Valentines Day (Barb Manuel)

Happy Valentines Day Dear. “You’re everything I never knew I always wanted”. (Darrell Smith to Stacy Smith on Valentine’s Day)

Tonight before bed I was asking a certain 6 year old what he might consider to be prizes worth giving up thumb-sucking. He suggested that if he stopped sucking his thumb God might reward him with a baby brother. Hmmm… (Bekah Mellema)

Roses are Red… Violets are blue… Some Poems Rhyme… But this one doesn’t….
Happy Valentines Day ! (Michael Burgess, on Valentine’s Day)

nothing better than my son shouting directions to my mother when shes playing call of duty shooting zombies. parenting is hard. (Melanie Larson, mama of Cole and daughter of my lifelong friend K’Lynn)

I sincerely mean this when I say that I absolutely LOVE my new frying pan I got for Valentines Day! (Me)
Nothing says be my valentine like a 14 inch cast iron fry pan
As long as I am never hit in the head with it. I dont think linda can lift it. (Rick Atkins, hunka hunka)

Said Frying Pan

Seriously. Rick got me a frying pan for Valentine’s Day. And I love it! Forget the flowers, don’t forget the dark chocolate, and get something useful! Thank you so much Rick! You know me better than anyone. Plus you gave me a good story for the next day at work!


2 thoughts on “As Seen On Facebook This Week

    1. And when I say forget the flowers, that does not apply to Joanne when you all come over….it’s one if my favorite things. 🙂

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