American Idol Group Auditions?

Poor Whatcom Middle School. Several years ago Whatcom Middle School was inundated with Atkins’. And for one year There were SIX Atkins cousins attending at once. I found this video yesterday while looking through several tapes with my old Sony Handycam and uploaded it to facebook. But I wanted to put it here too.

Lynsey, Megan, and Abbie are all the same age, just a couple months apart, and all three entered Whatcome together. They performed in the talent show as cousins in sixth grade, then seventh grade, and when the twins, Calvin and Katie joined them their eighth grade year, they included them in the act. If you watch this, feel free to fast forward through the costume change, it takes a minute or two, and I should have clipped it out, but having thought this was long lost I was just so excited to have found it and share it with the girls!

I’m just not sure the Group Audition is in their future.


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