Friendship, Whimsy, and Low Thyroid

Last night I had dinner with a couple girlfriends. We had wonderful dinner and nice girl time conversation.  But I was out late for a work night, felt like I was fighting a cold, came home and fell fast asleep while trying to catch the last 30 minutes of Biggest Loser.

While at my friend’s house I snapped these pictures of the cats and the dog and thought I’d throw together a blog post full of whimsy and humor.

You know, funny little captions under the pictures, maybe something about unlikely friendships, dig up some funny quotes at,

image…put captions under the pictures giving voice to the kitty and the dog, making them say hilarious things in human voice…

But the truth is, my iron is low, my thyroid is lower, I’m fighting a cold, I’m tired and grumpy, barely made it home alive in this snow storm (if you drove from Bellingham to Sudden Valley tonight you know what I’m talking about, and yes, I might be exaggerating) and about all I got is that I’m so thankful Rick drove me to work and back today.  Otherwise you’d find me in the fetal position somewhere around Strawberry Point in the back seat of the Durango.

Oh and that whole, low thyroid bit?  I’m being treated for it.  The low iron too.


2 thoughts on “Friendship, Whimsy, and Low Thyroid

  1. You didn’t even need the captions. The pictures where cute and funny enough. Sorry you are dragging. it is hard to find the thyroid balance. and what I have learned is there are a lot of people out there that should be treated for thyroid that aren’t and also when you start taking thyroid you own thyroid is so “happy” to have help it shuts down a little bit more for awhile until it gets regulated. So hang in there and keep getting tested.

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