Five on Friday

Five things I love about March:

1. March is the month my baby girl was born.
When I was expecting her, I would NOT admit I wanted a girl. I told everyone, oh so cavalierly that another boy would just be so much easier, it would make sense, I like boys, and I just want a boy. The truth was, however, that I wanted a girl so much I could taste it. I just didn’t want anyone to feel sorry for me if it was a boy. So when the moment came, and Rick and the doctor both shouted “girl!” I just couldn’t believe it. It felt completely surreal, and I will never forget the sight of that little baby with the pink stocking cap being handed over to me. I loved my little boys, and I would have been just fine with another. But now, on this end of it, could I imagine my life without Abigail Ruth? No. Nor would I want to.

2. “March comes in like a lion, goes out like a lamb.”
I learned the months of the year at West Orient Grade School in Gresham, Oregon. We made a calendar with a saying for every month of the year to help us remember them. Like, ‘April Showers bring May flowers’. But March? Lion and Lamb…this was pure poetry to me. Only, I didn’t get it. I remember going home and asking my Mom what that meant. She explained the whole stormy late winter days of early March compared to the lovely sunny days we would get toward the end of the month. And the that’s when the poetry part kicked in for me.

We colored a picture of a lion blowing out it’s mouth and causing this terrible storm, and then a picture of a sweet docile little lamb lying in a field. I loved it. Pretty much nothing like the picture above. Sometimes I wish my Mom had kept everything I ever drew, colored, wrote, created. Sometimes. But not really. I throw everything away too, so it’s ok.

3. Daffodils Bloom

(I didn’t take this picture, I google imaged it)
Daffodils are one of my favorite flowers, third to roses and tulips. No, wait. First. I like them best. In March. In March I absolutely LOVE daffodils. Then, when tulips come along I forget about them and love tulips best. And then of course once June is here roses are my favorite. Forever. That’s my final answer.
Amen. p.s. I promise to take pictures of daffodils in exactly one month.

4. March means we are three months past Christmas and three months closer to summer. Winter ends sometime during March, and though it’s raining, it’s lighter earlier in the morning and lighter longer in the evening and spring fever sets in and my spirits lift and then I remember…

…Drumroll please…

I was born on March 20th. The first day of Spring. It’s the best birthday in the whole world. Everyone should have been a spring baby. I love spring. Love March, and Love Love Love my birthday! I start celebrating on March 1st, or in the case of this year, apparently, February 25th, and don’t stop until the last day of the month. I have to give up my self-celebration on March 23rd, long enough to, well, see #1. But other than sharing with Abbie for 24 hours…



5 thoughts on “Five on Friday

  1. that is so sweet that you two share a birthday.
    I like March as it is my best friends Birthday. My mom was born March 2nd. She will be celebrating in Hawaii this year. But I will still sing Happy Birthday to her over the phone 🙂 I also like March as Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons. I like the warm days and cool nights. the trees and flowers budding and walking through the neighborhood and smelling the trees starting to bloom. sigh. is it March yet?

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