My Beauty Mark…

…is no longer really a beauty mark.

It’s more of a mole.
And I realize the way I marked this photo it looks like I’m pointing near my ear, but it’s actually inside the circle on my chin.
And not a very pretty one, although that really doesn’t bug me. I’m so used to it that I don’t notice it. Not even in photos of myself. It used to lay flat and dark against my light skin, and I can’t count how many times a sweet stranger would point that I had a bit of chocolate on my face. Which would make perfect sense since I love and each chocolate on a daily basis. But poor sweet strangers were always embarrassed when I would smile and let them know, that no, it’s not chocolate just one of my many imperfections, and thank you for drawing attention to it.

My beauty mark-turned-mole has not been mistaken for chocolate in quite some time. It has changed color, shape, and size, and recently (very recently, as in this past week) has started to bother me. Itching, and sometimes just down-right hurting. So I made an appointment to have it looked at on Friday and hopefully my family doc can take it off right there in the office without any fanfare.

Rick says he’ll hardly recognize me.


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