I love Weekends.

Yesterday afternoon, on our way to the gym for our workout Rick said, ‘I think we should go out on a date tonight. How does True Grit and Boomer Burgers sound?’

Sounded GREAT to me.   Our usual weekly date nights have been put on hold indefinitely, and we haven’t gone out just the two of us in ages.

While we were finishing getting ready Rick said, ‘Maybe not boomers. Maybe more of a sit-down place. And maybe not True Grit?’

Fine. Sounded great to me. I would have been happy with a Comcast On Demand movie and a Tino’s Calzone delivered.

We ended up at El Rinconcito on Yew Street. We haven’t been there in years and had forgotten what great Mexican food it is! Rick had Pollo Chipotle and we both groaned when we tasted it, so good. I had the special, two enchilladas, one with white sauce and one with their own tomatilla sauce. The white sauce was simply Mexican crema as far as I could tell, but so yummy, and I happen to still have my leftovers in the fridge waiting for me to indulge for my early dinner. Poor Rick ate his leftovers last night after the movie. He’s on his own tonight!

The movie was amazing!!

It's a good movie if Rick doesn't already know the end in the first 30 minutes, and he didn't guess the end until it was unveiled! Good acting, intense, suspenseful, without being gorey and gross. Totally go see it!


Today we got just almost up to the 9 inch mark of snow before it started warming up and raining a little. It’s melting now, but not super fast, so there’s still enough to justify not putting on makeup or doing my hair, lazing around in yoga pants and sweatshirt, and pretending we’re still snowed in and hunker down to watch the Oscars tonight.

Ok, speaking of the Oscars. I’ve only seen three of the movies up for Best Picture:
Inception, The Social Network, and Toy Story 3

(This is mostly due to the fact that Rick and I don’t go out on dates right now. Going to movies, or at least WATCHING movies is one of our favorite things to do together, so this is really cramping my style right now! )

Incecption: though everyone I know loved it, I didn’t. Maybe I was too tired the night we watched it, but I just couldn’t follow it. And I’m usually really into movies that are hard to follow.

The Social Network:
Again, maybe I was tired that night, but it must have been forgetable because I don’t remember it much.

Toy Story 3:
I’m sure I would have loved it, had I stayed awake.

Are you seeing a trend here? Maybe we’ll rent each of these once my thyroid and iron levels come back up to within normal range!

I’ll still enjoy the Oscars tonight, even though I’ve seen none of the movies.

If I can stay awake.
P.S. I saw a coyote in the woods behind our house today. I’ve made the dogs stay inside since then.


One thought on “I love Weekends.

  1. I did not like Inception. At all. I thought it was poorly edited and not the delightful twist and turn dram action that I was hoping for…so many people raved about it that I was expecting quite a lot from it but I still think I wouldn’t have liked it even if I had not had such high hopes.

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