One March Evening

We were at our parent’s house, my sister and I. It’s was getting on suppertime, but we were SO enjoying the evening light and warmth of the early spring sunshine in Central Oregon, and none of us felt like going inside to cook dinner yet. I had the great idea for a glass of wine before dinner. We poured our glasses and, having no side tables to set them on, set them on the deck next to the bottle between sips.

The sun did this:

And 38 photos later,

the sun was setting and we went inside and started supper preparations.

But not before I shot these:

That last one there? That’s my Mom. My lovely little Mother who’s birthday is in 2 days. When I was little I counted down to my birthday from hers. Hers was first, then my Grandma, her Mom’s birthday was on March 11th. I think. If I’m wrong, someone correct me. It’s ok, I’m used to it. You won’t offend me.

Happy March 1st, everyone!! Spring is on her way! (Yes, Spring is female)

p.s. I love these photos and am so thankful I had put them on facebook, because guess what. I hadn’t backed them up to my external hard drive when my mac died last summer and I don’t have the originals anymore. So sad. I just discovered this. Just now when I went traipsing through my external hard drive and then my flickr photos to get the ones I needed. Moral of the story? BACK UP BACK UP BACK UP BACK UP. Ok, I’m done.


3 thoughts on “One March Evening

  1. It was very warm then. Now the deck is covered with snow and still 6 inches on the ground. But spring is on the Way!!

  2. beautiful. so glad you didn’t lose those photos. I have been much better about backing up my photos lately. But now I want to get all my old photo albums and start scanning photos. sigh do I really want to start that project.

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