So, on the pioneer woman photography blog, Ree has a new assignment called “Sisters”. Last night I entered a photo of my sister and I from when we were very very young, and I know I’ve shared it here before:
TateCD7-R1-E029 (909 x 614).jpg
I just love it because, whether she really was or not, she looks like she’s looking out for me, which she has done my whole life, all the way up to this very day. And as strong and confident and self-assured as I like to come across, I really need looking out after, and Cheryl does it best.

Tonight I entered this photo of my Mom and her Sister, which of course, I did not take, originally.


I did however take a photo of the original slide with my DSLR, bumped up the contrast, the sharpness and saturation, then INVERTED it in photoshop. My Mother and her identical twin.

And tomorrow is their birthday. Imagine that.


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