I Miss My Friend

I apologize for the title.  No one died.  Rick started his new job this week.

Please don’t get me wrong. I am SO thankful. Income is good. A working man is a good thing, and I recognize God’s provision in our lives. Please keep that in mind for the rest of this post:


Rick and I had gotten used to a lot of time together. Since before Christmas, we wake up together, one of us makes coffee, the other makes breakfast. If Rick drives me to work, (most of the time) we chat or listen to Dave and Shari In The Morning and compete with each other on Gender Gap. I always lose, and will NEVER call in, because I’m way too much of a girlie-girl. I don’t know sports, or cars, or tools, or….blah blah blah. Rick however….well, let’s just say he does pretty well…


…we talk once or twice during the day, and send a text on the way home if I drove my self, otherwise, I clock out at 5:00, and my chariot awaits me outside my office. We share the highlights of each other’s day, talk about dinner, the state of affairs at home, if either of us had talked to any of the kids during the day…


…after that, we eat dinner together, a meal he lovingly and thoughtfully prepares for me. He tells me to leave the dishes, he’ll do them in the morning. We watch a movie, or a favorite TV show and hit the hay.

It’s only been two days, and I know we will both adjust, but this morning when I got up at 6:00, an hour after Rick left the house, I felt sad and lonely. I made one cup of coffee instead of two. I made my own breakfast, and boycotted the lunch I was supposed to take. I let the dogs out and brought them back in, gave them a bone and put them in the garage. Started a load of laundry and checked that all the lights were off, and saw myself out the door and drove myself to work. When Dave and Shari came on the radio and started the Gender Gap game, I turned it off and drove to work in silence.

When I got home tonight Rick greeted me with a nice warm hug and kiss and said,


“I miss you”.

I said, “I miss you too”.

Oddly, I can’t wait for the weekend.


7 thoughts on “I Miss My Friend

  1. Awww… I love this so much. Justin and I are totally like this. We prefer spending time with each other the most. He’ll drive me places just because he likes to. He serves me and loves me in so many ways. What a blessing you have, Linda! I’ll pray you adjust… but not too much.

    ps. I’m thinking we need to plan some co-birthday fun????

  2. Thanks for sharing, Linda. It’s hard to share something that could ultimately be misunderstood by your readers. There might be some ready to blast you for being so petty. I mean, a JOB in today’s world is something to be thankful for and I know you are but your adjustment, complete with all your feelings, is just as real. I appreciate knowing the “good, bad and ugly” — when we share intimate parts of who we are, we give permission to others to accept those parts of themselves that aren’t perfect.

    I’m sorry today was a long, lonely day.

    1. Thank you Debbie. I’ve been thinking a lot about how I ‘should’ feel and act, compared to how I DO feel and act. I’ve never been one to put on airs, but sometimes it’s tempting. More on that….

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