On Transparency

I’ve been thinking a little (yes, just a little, otherwise my pretty little head might hurt) about this whole blogging thing.

It’s occurred to me this week that we bloggers only tell the things we want you to know. We only show you the pictures we want you to see. Unless you know me in real life, you have no idea if what I’m presenting, what I’m REPresenting is real, made up, authentic, or spiritualized.

It’s a tight rope we walk, us bloggers. Especially when we truly want to live authentic lives. There’s really no need for you to know every tedious detail, or every down moment we have, so therefore, sometimes, in the times of tedium, the days of depression, it’s hard for us to actually get on here and come up with a quick and quirky little post (if that’s the kind of blogger you fancy yourself, as I do). Sometimes it’s just hard. Sometimes, life is hard, and answers aren’t easy. During these times we do one of two things. We either disappear for awhile, which is totally legit, valid and appropriate. Or we put forth a picture not quite real. Not quite true. We present a life, a day much brighter and sunnier than it actually is. I’ve done both of these, but probably more the former than the latter.

For some reason, the way I was designed, it’s never really been in my nature to fake it. Not that I haven’t tried here and there, but it just never really works out that well. The trick for me is to deal with the hard things in life, keep my head up, tell my story when needed, and change the names of the innocent. And even then, changing the names of the innocent never really works either. I usually call Joe, Joesph, and Rick, Richard, and Elizabeth, Betsy, and …..you get the idea. I’m a bad liar.

So, I think I’ve said all of that to say this. I don’t really have a pretty picture to post tonight, and I don’t have a funny story. I don’t even have an inspiring story tonight, but I do have some friends who are hurting and I think of them throughout the day and breathe prayers up for them for comfort and joy.

I Peter 5:7
Cast all your anxiety on Him for He cares for you.


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