Five on Friday

Five lessons I’ve learned in the last 30 hours:

1. If you wake up at midnight DO NOT look at your android/blackberry/iPhone to see what time it is. If you do and you see you have a facebook message, you will not be able to resist the temptation to see who wrote to you, and then you will see dozens of status updates by night owls who should have been sleeping regarding a global tragedy. You will then go to to see what it’s about. You will not believe it. You will hit refresh on your phone for the next 3 hours to see news of those you know who could be or have been affected.

2. Take the time to learn Geography. Once you hear that there has been a MAJOR earth quake on the other side of the world causing a tsunami that could potentially affect 20 or more countries, and you try to tell yourself to go back to sleep, you remember…(ok, maybe not you. ME.) I remember that my sister and her husband are on a cruise right now. In my fog I cannot remember where on earth Puerto rico is. They are on a cruise on an ocean. An ocean racing as fast as a jetliner somewhere in the world. I text her, ‘are you in danger?’ Then I flop back on my pillow and realize she will not get this text for 2 or 3 days, unless maybe she sees news on board the ship they are on and she decides to turn on her phone. I text my Dad, ‘Are you awake? Have you seen the news? Do you think Cheryl and Hal are ok?’ (By now it is 2:00 a.m. or so, but he suffers from insomnia, so it’s a safe bet he’s awake.) (He wasn’t, I woke him up) (Sorry Dad). He texts me back ‘What news?’ A few minutes late I get a text ‘Oh Wow’ and then that’s all. I assume he has gone back to bed, he doesn’t answer my repeated question about Cher and Hal in Puerto rico. (I find out this morning that he did text me back that they are on the Atlantic ocean, but in his stupor he sent it to my uncle Jack.) (sorry Jack)

3. Do NOT allow your mind to race and visualize the worst, as it applies to you; your own little personal world in which someone very close to you could be in danger, physically harmed, or even the worse… Do NOT imagine life without her. Life, without her guiding you, reminding you, leading you, caring for you. Don’t. Just don’t, because once it starts it doesn’t stop, and you will not get back to sleep.

4. The morning after such a night, remember to fall on your knees and thank God for his protection. Then remember the thousands, millions of people half a world away who’s night was vastly different from yours and continue to pray. It is unthinkable what they are facing.

5. If you wake up at midnight, whether you look at your Android/Blackberry/iPhone to see the time, or you look at your alarm clock on your nightstand, whether you know about what is happening in the world or not, and whether you get to fall back to sleep in a few hours, safe and warm in your bed, or are THERE in the middle of it, remember God sees you. And, God is good.

At some point last night I saw on facebook my friend Katherine who lives on Maui wrote on facebook, ” Be still my pounding heart. Tsunami warning for 3.50am. Second time I’ve had to pack my belongings and leave not knowing. God even in this you are good.”

“Even in this, God, You are good” Thank you Katherine. Your wisdom is beyond your years.


3 thoughts on “Five on Friday

  1. Good words, Linda. Do you ever wonder though… why would God, or an even better question is DOES GOD protect some from such harm and devastation and not others? Why them and not us? I don’t believe it has anything whatsoever to do with God. It is always an interesting conversation though, why such horrible things can and do happen.

    1. I wasn’t making a statement, Roby about God and “why bad things happen to good people”. All I said was that in the midst of the pain and suffering in our lives (and I mean this in the most personal sense, mine and Rick’s lives) I can say without hesitation, without doubt, God is good. That’s all. I’m not asking if God made the earth quake happen or if He allowed the tidal wave. Whether the answer is yes or no, God is good.

  2. Just catching up with your blogs and I can’t imagine how stressful that must have been. It is so hard in this world we live in where we can have constant contact with people to not be able to talk to them.

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