The Best Laid Plans

Well, I guess this is where I get to eat a little crow. I’ve blogged and bragged about planning my own birthday for 3 weeks now, been pretty much full of myself, and thinking I’m all that, Birthday Queen, and all…


But some things are outside the control of even the highest reigning Birthday Queens. Rick has been sick since Wednesday night with fever and chills, and although he is getting better, his fever keeps spiking. I’d planned tomorrow’s blog post to be photos and stories of our day at the zoo, but I’m not going with Rick, and there won’t be a family dinner either since we don’t want anyone else exposed to this nasty little bug, so Hannah is having a girl’s night at her house, and maybe that will end up being the most fitting way for me to usher in the 50th year of my life; surrounded by my girls, enjoying food and drink and girl talk.

Unfortunately, for my family, and for all of my blog readers, this just means I will get to draw out my birthday even longer. Maybe I’ll just draw it out all YEAR leading up to my 50th!!!


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