My 49th Birthday

Do you have a person in your life who would drop everything, even leave church, if you sent a text saying you needed her? Or Him? I do. In fact, I have no doubt I have many people like this in my life.

Here’s what happened.

When we woke up this morning I saw the sun was shining. Rick said “happy birthday, my temp is still 101”. I contemplated my options. I could stay home and keep him company with a martyr’s attitude (and I don’t mean the good kind), or I could take off and find something to do.

I chose the latter.

All the while I was getting myself ready and driving toward town I kept telling myself what great time this would be. One of my favorite things to do is spend an entire day alone with my camera and just wander, I reminded myself. However, just past Geneva I was aware of tears on my cheeks and sobs being stifled. I really didn’t want to spend my birthday alone. Again, I had two choices; suck it up and go it alone, or reach out and find someone to join me.

I chose the latter.

I sent a text to my sister-in-law, Laura
Me: are you at church today?
Laura: Yes. Happy Birthday!!!
Me: Dang. I was hoping you could meet me for breakfast.
Laura: When and Where?
Me: Right now.
Laura: Where?
Me: The place next to Tony’s in Fairhaven.
Laura: I’ll be there in 15 minutes?
Me: YES!! You’ve saved me from a major pity party!

We had the loveliest time. We talked and talked and talked. We wandered a bit after, poked around a little flower shop on the corner…Such a lovely thing, to have someone who would drop everything to spend time with you on your birthday.



My Abbie joined me for the next couple hours. We walked along the boardwalk on the bay, poked around shops, and talked and talked.


Then it was Josh and his Abby, they called me and asked if I’d meet them and take photos of them.



And After a lovely time of appetizers and wine at Hanna’s, a girl’s only party, Caleb came home and chatted. I got to see all my kids, although not at the zoo, and not a family dinner. It was different, but not disappointing and not sad.






When I came home and read all the birthday messages left for me on my facebook I was completely humbled and grateful for all the amazing and wonderful people in my life. God has blessed me beyond anything I deserve.

This morning my Dad wrote on my facebook that it was a warm Spring day on the day I was born. And I thought what a wonderful feeling that someone in the world would remember the day a person was born. I don’t know why that meant so much to me, but it did. It does.

Happy Birthday to me, and thank you to each person that was a part of it!


4 thoughts on “My 49th Birthday

  1. Aww… sounds like a wonderful day! Reading it brought tears to my eyes.

    On a very side note – I think I need to get to know Hanna… that girl’s got great style!

  2. Glad you had a good day! I guess it was a sort of surprise party šŸ™‚ I really, really like the pictures. Josh and Abby with the bikes, Abbie and her dog, and tell Hanna I LOVE the empty frames wall!

  3. Belated happy birthday. Mine was the day before and I had a particularly self satisfying day. Saw some of the family, a few friends and generally just laid back. Enjoy the rest of this wonderful year as I will enjoy my year – I love all the photos. Please continue to share them with us.

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