Princess Of Quite-A-Lot

(published with permission)
When Abbie was little, about 3 years old she got hold of a pair of scissors and cut her hair off. For a long time after that she would wear a little turtleneck or a pair of stretchy pants over her head and pretend it was her long hair. If she wore pants on her head she would even put bows at the ends of the legs to look like pigtails or braids. She would wear these get-ups everywhere! To the store, to the park, to her cousins’ houses…I drew the line, though when she wanted to go to church like that. Looking back, I wish I’d let her. It wouldn’t make a whit of difference now!

Twenty-Two years ago today my life changed forever.

With Caleb,

and Josh.

With her Grandpa Tate.

Sleeping in!

Right after Abbie’s babtism.  Her Dad baptised her in Lake Whatcom,


Abbie and Staci, K’Lynn’s daughter



On our missions trip, Abbie held the baby of the family we built a house for…she held that baby for DAYS!



Abbie and her cousin, Lynsey on a yearly camp trip



modeling a birthday present from Grandma and Grandpa Atkins


Dear Abbie, Please don’t hate me:

Dancing Queen:



Abbie and Staci, my oldest friend’s daughter:

Abbie and Megan




A love note I found from years and years ago:
Abbie has always been so expressive with her love. It was never a surprise to find a sweet love note to either Rick or I on our pillows after an evening out, or under our door in the mornings. Abbie has a huge heart full of love that absolutlely MUST be expressed. I love this about her.

I always get a little emotional around Abbie’s birthday. Always so many things I want to say, to express about this person Rick and I were blessed with as our daughter. I’m sure there are other mothers who think their daughter is the most wonderful, beautiful, loving, talented; the smartest, most thoughtful, kindest, and dearest daughter in the world. But they are wrong. Because mine is all of those things and more.

This picture is a perfect example of what my Abbie is like. She is bigger than life, full of fun, 100% enthusiasm in everything she does, and gives herself totally and completely to every person she loves. And I adore her.

Happy Birthday to my Beautiful Girl.


4 thoughts on “Princess Of Quite-A-Lot

  1. I love everything you post, but I love most when you post about your kids and about Nora and how much you love them. It makes me not feel so sad about my kids growing up and makes me look forward to being the mama of big people someday.

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