Girl’s Night Out

My friend Cutzi has the same birthday as me. Another spring baby. She is, however, quite a bit younger than I. She invited me to an evening of sushi, drinks, guacamole, and spontaneous Jazzercise. The Jazzercise wasn’t planned.


Her Mom,

and her Grandma were among the ladies present. It as a great and gutsy idea. I went thinking Cutzi would be the only person I would know, the outsider. Turns out, she invited several women, none of whom were friends with each other. Most of us had not met before. I was her token “Blogging Friend”, a title I wear proudly.

While Tessa made the guacamole, and I took pictures,

Cutzi, Megan, and Leslie broke out in Jazzercise moves. Cutzi and Megan are Jazzercise instructors.
You just never know what might happen when women get out for an evening!

I do know that I now need one of these:

So I can make it and serve it like this:

Thanks for a fun evening Cutzi, and for including me!


3 thoughts on “Girl’s Night Out

  1. YOU rock!!

    Thank you so much for posting this, Linda!

    I have actually been wanting to debrief with you a bit about that night…

    Interesting. That’s all I’ll say for now.

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