Details, Schmetails

If you are my facebook friend, you may have seen my status update on March 22 about having drank castor oil the night before Abbie was born. You also might have seen that I declared it worked.

After seeing Rick had commented in the conversation that it didn’t work, that the doctor wanted to send me home and I refused, I said to him, “you are arguing with me on my own facebook page? Wow, this is like ‘in real life’ when one of us is telling a story…” We both laughed because, really, it’s true. We interrupt each other and finish stories, although, I am way more guilty of this than he is. Also, neither of us laugh when it happens, we both get mad. So, just so you don’t think we are one of those darling couples that love telling their stories together and loves finishing each others’ sentences, and lovingly gaze at each other while being interrupted and corrected, we usually end up in a fight.

Just keepin’ it real.

As far as Abbie’s birth story goes, I’d completely forgotten, until Rick reminded me. My labor started shortly after drinking the Castor oil, (thus, ‘it worked’) but after arriving at the hospital it would start and stop. And start and stop. And so on. Let me just add too, that I hadn’t slept in 2 weeks because of false labor. I’d go to bed and be woken up by contractions. For two weeks. Did you know that sleep deprivation can cause insanity?

Back to my story; finally, the doctor did tell me he wanted me to go home and get some rest. As Rick tells it, I then channeled the ancient voice of Ramthah and told the doctor “I HAVE TWO SMALL BOYS AT HOME. DO YOU REALLY THINK I’M GOING TO GET ANY REST THERE???? I’M NOT LEAVING THIS HOSPITAL UNTIL THIS BABY IS OUT OF ME!”

(insert photo here. I tried to find a picture of me with my three children, not quite 4 years old and under right after Abbie was born, but there aren’t any. Apparently I had other things on my mind and forgot to have Rick take even one picture)

And now, you know The Rest Of The Story.


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